Deliver Truly OptimalOrthodontic Treatment

How It Works

The Sentio system integrates with any orthodontic treatment planning software to optimize treatment parameters and appliance design.

Step One

Clinical data is captured using our handheld Sentio device and uploaded to the cloud.

Step Two

The data is automatically updated and analyzed to determine tooth and patient specific trends in PDL (periodontal ligament) data.

Step Three

Our API receives a treatment plan and returns an optimal target force based on the clinical data to optimize the treatment and appliance design.

Patent Portfolio

Our robust patent portfolio covers concepts all the way from data capture to application and delivery of an optimal orthodontic force.

Measuring device to capture PDL data
A device to capture accurate and repeatable PDL behaviour data before, during and after treatment.

Defining an optimal orthodontic force
A unique and novel method to define an optimal orthodontic force.

Optimal treatment staging
A method to define an optimal step size for orthodontic treatment using clear aligners.

Optimal appliance design
A method to optimize the design of an orthodontic appliance, including material selection, shape, size and features.

Providing an optimal treatment plan
A method for updating an orthodontic force during treatment based on force data.

Providing pain-free treatment
A method to deliver pain-free orthodontic treatment based on clinical PDL data.

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